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If you haven’t figured out where to get personal loans with bad credit, then I’ll tell you immediately that I’m glad you arrived to this platform.

But first, you should toss the idea of your credit score securely out of the window. Let it be thrown away forever. Here at, we’re proud of two things. One: that we’re 100 percent Canadian! Two: that we help people get their lives in order regardless of the credit rating the world may have judged them by.

We qualify people based on the help they need and not the credit score someone else gives them. Bad credit won’t stop you from getting approved or even securing amounts as high as $25,000!

Yet, just maybe, maybe you need a little more for renovations going on at home. Alright then. The 15 minute application process we have can get you amounts of $75,000, and that would be enough to change anyone’s life.

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